Here is about Octafx, OctaFX offers trading accounts with wide range right for any trading policy. On three trading platforms [MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and Trader c] both valid and display accounts are accessible. Log in to your private area, then select the Trading Accounts, and press Open Demo Account.

Here are some uses and benefits:

You can contact the foreign exchange market and start trading with an OctaFX account. Once you register, you'll receive your all login details by your email, trading account permit, and all the basic information.

Octafx in Pakistan?

On our list OctaFX is the next top Pakistan broker on our list. They are again regulated by the CySEC and FCA, two of the best known bodies. They as well have a top swap-free account offering Urdu language accessibility.

How to create an account on Octafx?

 How do work with Octafx!

Follow these instructions step by step:

  1. Download an app from Google play store and start the Registration at OctaFX
  2. You can login with your Google or Face book account You cannot signup choose option Try Demo
  3. Now  Fill in Full Name,  Enter your Email and then create a strong Password
  4. After this Verify your Registration email
  5. Then Fill in Your Personal information
  6. Now you have to Choose Trading Platform

Here, Finish Account Choice


And now the last point is make your first deposit and submit your verification documents for withdrawal.

How to verify account?

For verification Check your email, then “Confirm your email address" and click the button "Confirm email" now you will be redirected to our site. Pick make a deposit into account. During this process you'll get an email (titled: Welcome to OctaFX!) It contains your Octafx PIN and trading account permit.

Withdraw money from OctaFX?

Open the main menu select the account you want to withdraw money, on the top right corner of the screen and pressing that icon. Then press on Withdraw, you will see a complete list of payment options available in your area.

How can transfer money from eWallet to bank account?

Firstly log in to your eWallet

  1. Bank Accounts < “Click My Account”
  2. Now Click “Add New Account”
  3. By following the prompt, fill out your bank account details.
  4. Tow small deposit you will receive that needs to verification by you confirming your bank account is applicable.

What is the minimum deposit for OctaFX?

You can start trading with a minimum of $5 at OctaFX. The minimum deposit can vary its depending on your Payment method and area. Well, according to the Risk executive fundamentals, the more funds you have, the fewer risks you are revealing yourself to.

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